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Dynamic Signal Analysis (International) Corp. ("DSA International") is a Canadian owned and operated consulting engineering and systems development company that has been in the machinery condition monitoring and diagnostics business since 1979.

DSA International's mechanical test stand facility and offices are located at the BC Research Facility, which is located on the University of British Columbia grounds.

The other important aspect of DSA International's business is systems integration and software development. DSA International's team of engineering specialists has invested 20 man years of development into an expert system software package called Check-Mate.  This software does automated fault identification and diagnostics.

DSA International's corporate goals are to provide software systems integration tools and testing facilities to improve the reliability, maintainability, and operational readiness of critical military and industrial machinery

Potential markets include any continuous process industry where there is a high cost of downtime including automotive, power generation (conventional and non conventional), pulp and paper, mining and manufacturing, to name a few.

Other potential markets include those industries where predictive maintenance would enhance the safety of operation such as the aerospace industry, shipping, railroads, ski lifts, tramways, for example.





Dynamic Signal Analysis (DSA) was originally founded in 1979 by two engineers, Allan Lees and Ian Lu, in Vancouver BC Canada. They purchased a Hewlett Packard 5423A analyzer and began the task of educating potential clients about vibration analysis and condition based maintenance. This was very new technology in 1979.  In 1986, Mr. Lu left the company and Allan Lees became sole owner.

During the next 10 years the customer base grew and DSA gained a wide range of experience in vibration analysis.

In 1989, Allan Lees saw a need for an automated diagnostic system and DSA began development of Check-Mate expert system software. Partial funding for this project came from the Department of National Defense. As well, DSA gave up equity to investors to finance development. During the next few years, DSA underwent many organizational changes. DSA re-emerged, under the direction of Mr. Lees in 1995 as Dynamic Signal Analysis International Corp.

The company's main focus is now divided into two categories; machinery diagnostics and software development, including systems integration.

DSA International's area of specialization is life cycle management including vibration analysis and other CBM (condition based maintenance) techniques.  Through this approach, DSA International is capable of reducing maintenance costs and more importantly eliminate expensive downtime on critical equipment. On the machinery diagnostics side, DSA International will come on-site to your plant, ship, ski lift or heavy equipment with test equipment to record and analyze the condition of your machinery.  Using DSA International's own Check-Mate expert system, our engineers can pinpoint the root cause of equipment problems so that you can make cost effective timely repairs thereby avoiding expensive and dangerous catastrophic failures of critical machinery.

DSA International is very well equipped to push the limits of condition based maintenance. In addition to being very well located on the UBC campus, a test stand on site was built to run seeded fault tests on helicopter (T-56) gearboxes. Funded by Allison Engines of Indianapolis (now Rolls Royce), the test stand is one of only three in North America and only one of its kind in Canada.

In recent months, DSA International has undergone some major changes. From hiring new staff to upgrading its testing facilities, we are better than ever, and looking forward to hearing from you.

Our goal is to to provide software systems integration tools and testing facilities to improve the reliability, maintainability, and operational readiness of critical military and industrial machinery.

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