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DSA International has an extensive inventory of field and lab equipment including spectrum analyzers, torsional analyzers, oscilloscopes,  and data collectors from Hewlett Packard, Dynamic Instruments, Tektronics, Wireless Data, Ono Sokki, Sony and others. 

Our recording systems include two Honeywell 14 channel wide band FM recorders, a 7 channel TEAC FM and an 8 channel Sony DAT cassette recorder, a Hewlett Packard multi-programmer, as well as two 16 channel high speed 16 bit PC based digital data acquisition system. DSA International has recently developed a very high speed and high dynamic range non-contacting multi-channel telemetry system for dynamic torque measurements.

We have a broad range of sensors and signal conditioning equipment for data acquisition including accelerometers, pressure sensors, non-contacting speed sensors, ultra high precision encoders, extensometers, load cells to 100,000 lbs., charge and line drive amplifiers, temperature monitors, strain gauge amplifiers and other field and laboratory test gear.

DSA International is very proud of its extensive testing facilities. We have the ability to conduct a very wide variety of mechanical tests including the following:  


  • Piezo-electric or piezo-resistive type accelerometers 
  • Piezo-electric velocity sensors 
  • Eddy current type proximity probes
  • Endevco 6 channel charge amplifier system
  • Dytran 12 channel ICP amplifier


  • Omega 6 channel thermocouple based temperature systems 
  • Resistance Temperature Devices (RTD's) 


  • Displacement gauges 
  • Strain gauged diaphragms 
  • Piezo-electric 
  • 4-20ma to 30PSI max and 5000 PSI max


  • Tachometers using magnetic, optical, strain and vibration sensors
  • Encoders  
  • Proprietry pulse system


  • Non-contacting Wireless Data model 1245 FM telemetry systems 
  • Proprietary high dynamic range, high bandwith, multi-channel system (DC to 50Khz,  up to 16 channels 
  • Direct strain gauge measurement of shaft torque 
  • High resoultion optical encoderscard logo


  • Strain gauges and strain gauge mounting tools and equipment 

To collect vibration spectra DSA International owns following test instrumentation:

  • Two channel Hewlett Packard 3560A dynamic signal analyzer and a 5423A two channel Hewlett Packard modal analyzer 
  • Dynamic Instruments DI-306 data acquisition system 
  • Honeywell 14 channel wide band IRIG 1 FM tape recorders--Qty.2 
  • TEAC 7 channel FM cassette recorder 
  • Ono-Sokki dual channel spectrum analyzer 
  • numerous accelerometers and mounting hardware from Endevco, Wilcoxon, B&K, Dytran, Dynamic Instruments  
  • 6 channel 19" rack mounted Endevco charge amplifiers
  • 12 channel 19" rack mounted line driven Dytran amplifier for ICP accelerometers 
  • 19 " rack mounted cabinets 
  • Check-Mate 16 channel data acquisition, signal conditioning, A/D and DSP boards for mounting in the test computer 
  • Check-Mate expert system software 
  • All hardware cables, and connectors 


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