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DSA International's engineering offices and Mechanical Diagnostic Research Facility are located in the Discovery Park research complex on the University of BC Campus in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Proximity to  the world class researchers and recognized experts at the University of British Columbia, National Research Council or other nearby research facilities can be of considerable benefit to clients with specialized needs.

Our "back-to-back" mechanical test facility is rated to 5000 HP.  It consists of a variable speed DC motor, a pair of slave gearboxes, interconnecting shafts and a unique hydraulic torque application system.  For optimum flexibility, all this equipment is mounted on "T" slot bases that are affixed to a 4 foot deep inertial concrete base. The adjacent instrumentation and viewing room is protected by steel and concrete walls with 2 inch thick glass viewing windows. An overhead gantry crane, fabricating and machine shop, an electronics shop, hydraulic test facilities, secure parts storage and working space for visiting researchers make our Mechanical Diagnostic Research Facility convenient and cost effective place to meet your test requirements. The lab space has a 600 Volt, 260 Amp supply to power the test stand as well as AC outlets and 19" rack mounted cabinets to house instrumentation.

Other important mechanical test equipment located on site is a 4 to 60 Hz MRAD shaker table rated to 3200 lb. force and 300 lb. payload, a  60,000 lb. Tinius Olsen tensile and compression machine, a 5000 lb. force Instrom tensile machine capable of applying reciprocating tensile loads, Rockwell hardness Tester, Sonnotag Impact tester as well as a considerable inventory of fixtures, jig, calibration rings, load cells, and other ancillary equipment.

In short, our Mechanical Diagnostic Research Facility can meet all of your mechanical testing needs at one location.



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